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Larry Lennon Electrical: Electricians in Sudbury and North Bay

Whatever type of electrical services you may need, Larry Lennon Electrical can help. We’re based in Sturgeon Falls and serve North Bay, West Nipissing, Sudbury, and Mattawa. Whether you are a homeowner in need of safe wiring for a new addition or a business owner needing a backup power supply, call us for expert electricians around Sudbury today.

Get Paid to Upgrade Your Lighting
If you run a business, it makes fiscal sense to retrofit your building with energy-efficient lighting. Larry Lennon Electrical offers great rates for wiring and can get the job done safely and quickly, ensuring that you are able to take advantage of time-sensitive incentives from Ontario Power Authority.

Don’t Get Caught with Your Power Pants Down


For many businesses, a power outage can mean disaster. When there is a power disruption, sensitive computer data could be lost, machinery might need to be reprogrammed, and downtime always costs you money. Larry Lennon Electrical can ensure that those problems are minimized by installing and wiring standby generators and UPS systems. When your power supply is backed up, not even a Northern Ontario ice storm can put you out of business.


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Let a professional asses your electrical issues.


Energy Savings for Home and Work

Discover the benefits of LED lights.


New Installations and Replacements

Get help with small and large projects.

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