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Saving Energy with LED Lights from West Nipissing and Nearby Areas

Worried about your future energy bills and maintenance fees? Don’t be! Larry Lennon Electrical can help you reduce them to a more manageable size with our indoor and outdoor LED lights around West Nipissing.

When you get us to install an LED lighting system, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Owning products that last longer than fluorescent, incandescent/halogen lighting

  • Moving around your space with better visibility

  • Saving on the cost and use of electricity

  • Enjoying high-efficiency lighting

  • Having lighting that thrives in cold temperatures


To start saving money and energy today, call Larry Lennon Electrical and ask about our LED lights.

Own a Cold Storage Facility?


Then, you might want to think about getting LED lights. When you use other lights, such as HID and fluorescent lights, in a cold storage facility, you’ll notice that it becomes a challenge to warm up or restrike your lights. On top of that challenge, you’ll typically end up with a large bill because powering 250 or more lights for any length of time in a 100,000 square-foot cold storage facility is costly.

To avoid the expense, you can replace your cold storage facility’s lights with LED lights. 200-watt LED lights come with motion sensors and are the type of lighting that can handle cold environments, which can cut your energy costs by up to 91% annually.


Quality Work at Reasonable Rates


Schedule an appointment today.

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